“Man Therapy”: Campaigns that Work

Denver-based Cactus nabbed Pro Bono Campaign of the Year for “Man Therapy,” a campaign for the Carson J. Spencer Foundation & Colorado Office of Suicide Prevention, at this year’s Advertising Age Small Agency Awards. The goal of this campaign is to reduce suicide amount working Colorado men age 25-54 . This demographic accounts for the State’s largest number of the suicide deaths and is the least likely to seek treatment. How can these men be reached and moved to action?

The centerpiece of the campaign is a website, http://mantherapy.org/

Here is why it works for me:

*Guiding you through the website & introducing you to ManTherapy is likable, relatable, humorous character who is targeted specifically at the demographic

*Consistent voice–streaming video has the character introduce every element of the website, and his tone carries through the copy as well.

*The whole website is a story: you’re at the therapist’s office, this is your session.

* Personalization: quizes

* Interactive

*Beautiful balance of humor and seriousness. It’s not confrontational or threatening.

Bailey Lauerman, Campfire Take Top Honors at 2013 Ad Age Small Agency Awards



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