Your business needs to be on Google +

Your business needs to be on google +. Yes, it’s a network in its infancy, arguably still mostly the territory of computer nerds, and when you post there it may seem an empty shout into a void. But if you care about SEO, you need to use google +. This is because the ubiquitous search engine google uses google + to index. Pushing new content through google + is an easy and elegant way to boost you SEO. Clever move, google.

SEO aside, google + has seen a 58% increase in users in recent months, now claiming over 300 million active users. Compare that to twitter’s 230 million and Facebook’s 1 billion. Nothing to shake a stick at. Google + is business oriented and an essential part of your online marketing plan.

How to go about using google + is a topic for another post.


 “Google’s Social Network Sees 58% Jump in Users”. USA Today

“How to Breathe Life into your Google Plus Profile” . Search Engine Journal


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