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A Creative’s Toolbox, Part 2: The Workspace

* Lots of natural light, to keep energy up

* The right coffee mug

* A good mix of old and new, vintage & fresh, because creativity is found where they meet

*Keep it organic

* Make it yours so you feel comfortable

* Keep sources of inspiration–books, art, music– on hand.

* Keep your “reason why” where you can see it. This can be a vision board, a goal list, personal manifesto . . .

*Have a good ergonomic setup.

* Have a relaxation place away from your computer where you can brainstorm, read, chat with clients, etc.


Six desk tweaks to change the way you work and maximize your creativity. Fast Company



Kickstarter 101

*Be sure your project is just that–a project, with a definite beginning and end.

* Tell your potential backers what how the project will serve thier needs/interests/desires

*Keep your video short–under 4 minutes if you can

*Establish credibility with relavent qualifications, testamonials, links to previous work, press, etc.

*Keep backers updated as you project progresses



“5 Project Crushing Kickstarter Mistakes and How to Avoid Them”¬†

“What Kickstarter’s Million Dollar Projects Have In Common”¬†

“Nine Essential Steps for a Killer Kickstarter Campaign”


The power of interaction

One way to create memorable action–and interaction: give a community a gift to share. Give them something to gather around and create together. Enough structure so it functions, enough freedom so that they can make it theirs. How can we leverage this from a marketing perspective? How do we create campaigns that give people what they crave most–positive interaction with other people?

Inspiration: Freespace, a San Francisco project created with public funds that turned a large warehouse into a free workspace for one month, pulling in creatives of all persuasions to create &

Hearst Company’s Troy Young on making digital work for the publishing industry

Craft your message to fit your media. In an interview with Fast Company, Hearst Company’s new head of digital, Troy Young, explains is why sometime the best way to preserve a brand is to let it have a few different faces. In the seven months since Young has taken it over, has doubled its traffic. Check out the interview for insights into how old media can stay fresh.

2013 user demographics for key social networks

Pew’s 2013 user demographics for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Instagram has the second-highest daily usage rate, after Facebook, 63% and 57%, respectively. Pinterest lags, remaining female dominated, with 33% of online females using the site, and only 8% of online males. However , keep an eye on this app. With it’s image-heavy format, ease of use, and clean organization, it holds potential to serve many demographics, can they be persuaded to engage (and some rebranding may be in order). Like google+, Pinterest may be a creeper.

Social Media Metrics

You’ve got all your social media data, now what does it mean?

Once you know your social media objectives you can decided which have significance for you. Below are some of the commonly used metrics to get you thinking.




PTAT (People Talking About This)

Post Virility

Engagement Rate




Bounce Rate

Referral Traffic

Share of Voice


Six Metrics All Social Media Marketers Should be Familiar With. Ignite Social Media.

Five Social Media Metrics that Your Business Should be Tracking. The Next Web.

It’s Time to Start Tracking the Right Facebook Metrics. Business Insider.

Five Social Media Metrics you Should Be Monitoring. Social Media Today.